20 and counting!

Clearly  many Democrats think they can do a better job in the White House than the current occupant.  Beto O’ Rourke,  the 46 year old former Texas Congressman became the 20th contender  to announce       he’s running for the Presidential Nomination for the Democratic Party.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to become number 21 within the next few weeks.  O’Rourke  recently lost a tight Texas Senate race to Ted Cruz, but gained the national spotlight by keeping the race close in the  traditionally    Republican State.  The Democratic nomination may turn into a generational race, anticipated front runner Joe Biden would be 77 years old  by the time he became President in 2021  if he were to win.          Other than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren most of the contenders for the nomination  are in  their mid 40’s to mid 50’s .  The Party has over a dozen debates  planned, so the contenders  will have the opportunity to prove they can take on President Trump in November of 2020.



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