17 Not Close to Grown Anymore!

My daughter Sylvia recently turned 17,(that’s her & I in this picture)  she say’s since she is so close to 18 and nearly grown,  that I need to give her more freedom to come and go and make her own choices. I used the same line on my Mom back in the day. It worked!  It was  different then, my Mom never had to  worry about drive by shootings, School shootings, unjustified Police shootings, shootings/bombings by a radical falsely representing his God or shootings by a 8 year old who found the AK47 in his dad’s  closet. My mom  never had to worry about someone already on the edge of reality being pushed over by  angry words/ lies told by her  President who is against foreigners and people of color. I have to assume our President  is not down with mixed families like mine. Let’s keep it real family, it may be difficult for one to know what my daughters nationally is just by looking at her, but once you talk with her, Oh, you know she is an African American teenager! Have you seen how the leader of our country talks to African American Women, successful African American women at that?  Due to the times we live in excuse me if I choose to hang on a little longer, squeeze a little tighter or pull my daughter  a little closer. You want to  call me a Dad who refuses to let go? Maybe. Call me a  Dad who will not allow this upside down world to turn my child  upside down too? Definitely. So, I understand  I can’t stop time from moving or bring back the day that this picture was taken with my daughter, but I can make sure she is fully prepared for what is outside of her Daddy’s front door.  So, not yet Sylvia. Stay tuned Family.



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