100 days and counting!

I peek at my  calendar everyday here lately and  count  down the days until September 2nd, on that day my baby girl Sylvia turns 18 years old! I was blessed with my daughter late in life, I was over 33 years old  when she was born. Some  of my friends were preparing to become grand parents, none of them  had a new born like I did. I have said this before, I am so glad God waited a while before blessing me with Sylvia. No one knows better than I do that I was not ready for a child in my 20’s or early 30’s.  I had started to think I would never have children, and  never thought my son would come along nearly eight  years later. We never know what God has planned for us, you  may say to yourself  ‘now is not a good time’ or ‘I’ll wait till I’m more settled’ before I make this or that move.  Well I am here to tell you a blessing is always right on time!  I walked into my sons classroom last month and I was the oldest parent in the room, older than the teacher, the Principal, I was probably as old as the building itself! It bothered me for a minute but I quickly got over it. I’m hoping my young surroundings keep me young. Although I still get video games my son plays confused with REAL movies,  I don’t get the meaning of some words in the song my daughter listens to and most importantly-who exactly is this Alexa  female  I keep hearing answering peoples questions in my house?  I have no idea, but it’s cool.  I’ll be the senior of the group, I waited a long time for this!   #itsnevertoolate



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