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I always desire to share an ounce of inspiration to all that desire to live through the rough stuff to truly embrace the life they were destined to LIVE FREELY.


by Faith Daniels posted Feb 8 2016 2:07PM
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It seems that EVERYBODY has a Cam Newton story and opinion about how he should behave. In all honestly he is the end of the day HUMAN. You can not say what you want about people(Cam) and NOT expect him to have feelings. Report the truth and be honest in the facts. THAT is fair.

Cam Newton left the post game interview after only a few moments of stupid question being asked following the BIGGEST loss of his career. I honestly think I would have left too, even sooner.
Here is a link to a "fair" article that was written I think our listeners might want to read. CLICK HERE
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by Faith Daniels posted Feb 5 2016 12:12PM
After a long battle with Parkinson's Diesease the founder and lead singer of Earth Wind and Fire passed away in his sleep early Thursday morning according to White's brother Verdine White.
Listen below to the 92.1 WROU tribute and feel free to post your own in the comments.
Maurice White will live forever in music history!

by Faith Daniels posted Feb 4 2016 1:20PM
On Friday, February 5th Tom Joyner will do a special red carpet presentation and be a presenter live on the 47th NAACP Image Awards on TV One.

(February 4, 2016 Los Angeles, CA) Nationally syndicated radio host Tom Joyner, known as 'the hardest working man in radio' and recognized beloved voice of the community, will host a special red carpet presentation and be a featured presenter on the 47th NAACP Image Awards airing live February 5th on TV One. The NAACP Image Awards are set to the most diverse awards show of the 2016 season celebrating the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts, as well as those promoting social justice through their creative endeavors.
by Faith Daniels posted Feb 3 2016 2:10PM
Although David Justice has moved on and re-married, the ghost of his marriage to Halley Berry still haunts him. Especailly the ghost of phycial abuse, which he has denied for more than 20 years.
In the video you will see Juctice explaining that Hally Berry never said it was him. But, She also never cleared him by saying it wasn't. Details below!

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People : David Justice
by Faith Daniels posted Jan 28 2016 12:32PM
TYRA BANKS at Matrix Awards Luncheon
After a very public battle with infertility, Tyra Banks and her boyfriend, Erik Asla welcoming a baby boy via a gestational surrogate. What a beautiful experience she recalls in her statement to People Magazine.
To read that statement click here!
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People : Erik Asla
by Faith Daniels posted Jan 28 2016 11:34AM
The actor that has been cast to portray Michael Jackson is obviously NOT African American but honesly does NOT see the issue with him  taking on the role as “King of Pop!”
Jospeh Fiennes,  a British born actor, feels the role doesn’t need or require an EXACT Impersonation of the artist . That’s interesting to say the least!
For the entire interview  Click HERE.
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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 25 2016 11:52AM
Although many African- American actors and actress, producers and directors will more than likely skip the Oscars this year due to the lack of diversity in the nominations for the past 2 years,Chris Rock will be there as host.
Rock will not step down as host but has reportedly begun rewriting the the script along with producers to address the lack of diversity in the ceremony.
Read the full story at  
by Faith Daniels posted Jan 25 2016 11:16AM
So, 2016 is all of 25 days old and some of the "New Year, New You" habits are already dead and gone! But Why? You started with the right motivation and the right mindset, right? You have a team of buddies and friends that started out with you, right? You finally reached the point of "THIS IS IT!", right?
Sometimes, the beginning is the easiest part! Getting a routine down and maintaining it is the hard part.

Here are a just a few tips to help you keep going or to get back in the saddle again!

1. Don't give up! Just start over.
2. Identify your temptations and remove them. 
3. Identify your weakness(es) and remove them.
4. Check your support system, if that is your weakness, make adjustments to the team!

You can do it! If it's personal changes you desire to make or professional, just keep going and remember YOU are counting on YOU! So, don't let YOU down!

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 20 2016 1:17PM

The City of Flint, Michigan is in a water crisis and 92.1 WROU is asking for your help!
Faith Daniels from 92.1 WROU, The Mayor of Trotwood, Honorable Mary McDonald and Fire Chief Steve Milliken will be live on site on Thursday, January 21st at 5469 Little Richmond Rd.  

Please stop by and donate a case of water during our "Drive up and Drop off" water donation drive for the residents of Flint, Michigan!

Watch the message from The Mayor of Trotwood below!

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 14 2016 12:28PM

It's the birthday of an ICON in Rap music! The GOAT(Greatest Of All Times) James Todd Smith!

LL Cool J! Ladies Love Cool  James! Rapper, Actor, Husband and Father!

Send your personal Happy Birthday Greeting here>>>>>>HAPPY BIRTHDAY LL! 


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