Faith’s Motivational Moment: Even Pain Teaches Lessons.

Faith’s Motivational Moment: Even Pain Teaches You Lessons!

I miss my grandmother today! She didn’t like me, but at least she was honest and I knew it. She did give me some good advice though, when people act like they don’t like you believe them and LEAVE THEM ALONE!‪#‎Trustyourgut‬ lol lol lol
I knew she loves my sister Michelle and brother Marc more, but at least I knew where I stood. I had a tough few summers being the darkest, fattest and most outspoken in a Southern family…but I learned…and I learned fast. Everything you think, you don’t say. I also learned that no matter how I tried, I would never BE my sister. However, I learned to just be ME and let the chips fall where they may!
Sometimes that meant not getting treats she got or being “cuddled” the way she was but I got something better than that! I got LIFE LESSONS that I am still using today and sharing with my followers.
Be YOU today and blessed! And remember to…..
~Just Have Faith