Faith Daniels Motivational Moment: “Be Kind On Purpose Today.”

Do you ever get tired of people who look for ways to find fault with others? Always looking for ways to prove their value by pointing out the shortcomings of others? Yes…I do too.

But, I don’t look for ways to do the same, I simply wrap them in kindness and let their conscience do the rest.  I encourage you to think beyond the moment and just be KIND.

Look someone in the eye today and say something sincere and honest that will brighten their day. Nothing hard, just use a little extra effort to be …NICE. It used to be common place and now it’s unexpected. You never know when you’ll need someone to be that person for you.
Let kindness WIN today! Be kinder, talk a little softer and give a little more than you will ever get back even when THEY don’t. And remember…..
~Just have FAITH!

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