Cyber Monday! What Are You Shopping For?

The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and we are fresh of of the Black Friday run and NOW, it’s Cyber Monday!

What will you be looking for this Cyber Monday? Is it clothing or electronics or Household items?
What percentage of savings are you looking for? 10-20%, 25-50% or more? Does the cost of shipping make or break it as a deal? All questions that MUST be answered on this Cyber Monday BEFORE you click to save!

Will you be using one main source like Amazon to get everything you are looking for our surf the net until you find exactly what you want?

When shopping for a specific item, do your best to hold out for the best price and check a variety of locations but don’t wait too long and end up with a rain check on Christmas morning! know when to “cash out” on the deal and get what you want.

Happy Clicking and shopping and may all your shipping be free!

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