Compliments Can Change The World! Listen To Your Children.

Did you know that when you compliment your children it boosts their self esteem and their confidence?

Recently, my daughter told me she was proud of me and she was excited to see me go to my next level.
I looked a little shocked and she quickly explained…” Even though you are older than me, I can be proud of you! You have accomplished so much!” In that instant I wanted to cry, but I was interested in what made her say that. So, I asked. Her reply, although simple, floored me. She said “Mom, you have complimented me my WHOLE life and it always made me feel good, strong and confident. So I started doing it with my friends and just when people are a little down on themselves. It brightens their day and mine. You taught me to shine on others when their day is a little cloudy!”

Wow! Compliment your children, friends, co-workers and perfect strangers and see how your words can change the world!

Faith Daniels and her daughter, Trinity.



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