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Who is Faith Daniels? Wow... A woman who has found the freedom of loving the sound of her own voice and actually has something to say!

I'm the WROU Program Director, afternoon drive on-air personality, and your friend from 3pm-7pm!  Keeping today's R&B and old school flowing with energy and excitment and keeping you in the know with the latest in celebrity news, gossip, and daily motivation to get you through the work day!

I always desire to share an ounce of inspiration to all that desire to live through the rough stuff to truly embrace the life they were destined to LIVE FREELY.
by Faith Daniels posted Oct 13 2014 12:55PM
Research shows that 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in her life time.
Love shouldn't hurt physically or emotionally. If your relationship is showing signs of abuse or you are not sure what abuse really is click here.
Let's pay attention to the warning signs and break the cycle and break the silence of domestic violence in our communities. Uses the resources provided to change the outcome today!
Need help right away in the Dayton area?

Dayton Area

  • 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline
    222-SAFE (7233) (TTY - 461-7910)
  • Artemis Center Business Line
    461-5091 (TTY - 461-7910)
  • YWCA Women's Shelter & Housing Services
    222-6333 (TTY - 331-7112)
  • Suicide Prevention Center
  • PATH (Preventing Abuse in the Home - Batterer Intervention)
  • Crisis Care
  • United Way of Greater Dayton
  • United Way's HelpLink

Get help before it's too late!
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by Faith Daniels posted Oct 13 2014 12:38PM
Joe Video Shoot directed by Billie Woodruff
JOE is back with an amazing CD "Bridges." This CD is one of his best to date. JOE really shows his growth and stays right in the sweet spot of every song as a crooner. Each track is smooth and romantic and is exactly what JOE is know for. JOE shows his ability to do a few more uptempo selections and duets on "Bridges." FOr all those true JOE fans and new ones, this CD is a must have for your collection!

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by Faith Daniels posted Sep 17 2014 12:50PM
Join 92.1 WROU this Sunday, September 21st when Faith Daniels will broadcast from The Dayton Women's Fair at the Dayton Expo Center from 2-4pm! This event is a collection of everything women love! There will be so much to see and do! The Dayton Women's Fair offers fashion shows, cooking demonstrations, self defense demonstrations, health and wellness vendors and for those future brides, a huge wedding exhibit! For complete details and schedule of event click here.

You could win a FABULOUS "Make-up Makeover" from Estee Lauder with Faith Daniels by simply posting a NO MAKE UP SELFIE on the 92.1 WROU Facebook page for your chance to get a complete make over LIVE on stage with the Make-up Artists from Estee Lauder! To post your picture click here!
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by Faith Daniels posted Sep 3 2014 1:58PM

      We are all MOTIVATED at the START of something new. The idea is fresh and the energy is high and the thought of getting started is so much fun! Agree so far? Me too! 
What happens when things get tough, all your cheerleaders are gone and that finish line looks and feels soooooo far away? You feel like it's not worth it. You may even feel like you CAN'T finish what you started at all.

    GOOD NEWS!!! You can finish whatever you start!! It will still be hard and it will still take prayer and dedication but it's very simple to get motivated to finish what you started again! How? It's the process of remembering your WHYs!
Why did I start this?
Why did I think this was a good idea?
Why is it important that I finish?
Why do I want this?
Why must I do it now?

When you answer those questions you will feel rejuvenated and a little more centered and able to focus on the FINISH now that you have reviewed the  WHYs. Remember, it's IN YOU! Just keep going until you FINISH!

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by Faith Daniels posted Apr 10 2014 11:05AM

"Memphis" is at the Schuster Center now through the 13th!  Click here for more info!

by Faith Daniels posted Nov 24 2013 12:24PM

WDTN's Pam Elliot talks with Faith about her breaking story investigating how where you're pulled over effects your punishment--and your wallet!
by Faith Daniels posted Jul 17 2013 12:00PM

Faith's Summer Heat Relief Tips!

During the summer heat wave, everyone is looking for inexpensive ways to beat the heat. Over the last few days it was too hot to THINK! Muchless create ways to keep the whole family entertained without breaking the bank.

I have found a couple of fun things that my family does that keeps us together and cool!

  • $2 Movies: They are everywhere! Check you local newspaper for a listing or the internet. The cost of admission really is just $2 per person. Plus, if you take a back pack of snacks from home for the kids, it keeps the price low. The movies are decent and the theaters are cool!
  • Public Water Parks:  These are parks or community centers that have water parks or spray parks for a very low price of like $5. Check your local park system and Parks and Recreation for locations and times. You can also pack a picnic for the kids and this makes for a fun day.
  • Indoor Arts and Crafts: You would be surprised how long glue, scrap materials, crayons, paper plates, buttons, yarn or rice and a little imagination can keep your children occupied. Select different things to make like people, animals, machines…and have the kids make up a description of what it is or does! Fun, fun fun!
  • Water Balloon contests: Make a fun contest of filing up the water ballons with the hose and playing "catch!" Its fun and easy with no indoor clean up! 
The dog days of summer HERE and I want you to be ready for the challenge! 
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