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Who is Faith Daniels? Wow... A woman who has found the freedom of loving the sound of her own voice and actually has something to say!

I'm the WROU Program Director, afternoon drive on-air personality, and your friend from 3pm-7pm!  Keeping today's R&B and old school flowing with energy and excitment and keeping you in the know with the latest in celebrity news, gossip, and daily motivation to get you through the work day!

I always desire to share an ounce of inspiration to all that desire to live through the rough stuff to truly embrace the life they were destined to LIVE FREELY.


by Faith Daniels posted Jan 28 2015 1:12PM

Charlie Wilson, Kem and Joe ALL on 1 HOT show!

Charlie Wilson has begun his United States tour and the swooning has begun as well! Why? On the tour with Uncle Charlie is KEM and Joe! 2 major R&B artists that both have music in the top 10 on the R&B charts!

This hot show will be in Cleveland at Cleveland State on February 12th for tickets CLICK HERE!

Charlie Wilson's newest single "Goodnight Kisses" from the just released CD "Forever Charlie" is sexy with a hint of throw back romance of the doo-wop era!
Wanna hear snippets from the CD or buy it? Click here!

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 26 2015 11:07AM

The cast of Fox's new breakout hit television show is hot and the story line is engaging!
Wednesday night at 9 has been taken over by the Lee Daniels creation! Are you hooked?

Read what viewers had to say about this sexy drama and why it was picked up for a 2nd season! Click here

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 23 2015 1:27PM

21! Remember that number. Why you ask?? 21days is all it will take to make it a lifestyle change. Gather all your calendars and accountability buddies together and try to just commit to support and engage one another for a simple 21 days and see if you notice the difference.

Good Luck and the best of health!

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 23 2015 1:02PM

Every day we are hearing of new relationships or "situationships" being born or rekindeled on FACEBOOK. Maybe you are catching up with a friend from the past or making new ones, if you are in a serious relationship in real like, FACEBOOK or how you use it can cause problems!

An artical in Women's Day outlines the new divorce rate and the alarming number of times FACEBOOK is mentiond in preceedings. My advice, stay save and keep your relationships open and honest, especially where facebook is concerned!
To read the whole artical click here.

by Faith Daniels posted Jan 20 2015 1:00PM

Nielsen Fast Cable Ratings state, 11.8 million total viewers tuned in to "Whitney" as well as the two hour-long specials that followed its premiere, "Bobby Brown: Remembering Whitney" and "Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances."

Regarding "Whitney," 4.5 million total viewers were attracted to the film, giving Lifetime its most-watched telecast across all key demographics since "Flowers in the Attic" last January.

However, the family SLAMMED the biopic and director Angela Bassett via The Whitney Houston Facebook page for the entire statement written by Whitney's sister-in-law Pat Houston click here.

by Faith Daniels posted Jan 14 2015 1:22PM
by Faith Daniels posted Jan 14 2015 11:02AM
The Cincinnati Bengals, The NFL and the entire nation have been in support of Devon Still and his four-year-old daughter Leah during her fight with cancer.
Leah, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last June, just as her father was cut from the Cincinnati Bengals. However, when the team learned of Leah's stage 4 disease Marvin Lewis re-signed Devon to their practice squad, enabling him to retain medical coverage and assist with paying for Leah's hospital stays.
News of Leah's illness spread, catapulting the sale of Devon Still jerseys in an effort to raise money for pediatric cancer research and to help families at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital.
Since returning to the Bengals active roster, Devon regularly up dates his Instagram and followers love following the details about Leah's condition.
His most recent update however was not good news after a check up with Leah......
"I wanted to hear so bad that my daughter's cancer was gone and when I didn't't it hurt me bad. I couldn't't even bring myself to tell my family the results without breaking down. I honestly just wanted to shut down from every one. But I understand that blessing don't happen when I want them to, they happen when they're suppose to. So we are going to keep faith and keep fighting no matter what. #LeahStrong #BeatCancer"

92.1 WROU is soliciting your prayers, positive energy and healing light for Devon, Leah and their entire family!

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 13 2015 12:05PM

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sparked so many movements for social change and equality. The movements that Dr. King started lead to minorities having the rights to live, work and be educated equally. Therefore, when January 19th comes around this year many people will see it as a day off. A day to sleep in or just do nothing. Let us be encouraged to see the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday as a day to give back or pay it forward. Let's collectively come together and use it as a day of service and change, as we continue to live the dream that Dr. King spoke of.

What can you do to be of service?
Through out the city, county and state there are a number of events that are going on, make plans to attend and engage some of our youth that would otherwise see this as day to "just chill." If you need help finding event is the Dayton/ Montgomery County Area, please click the link for a complete listing from MLK CLICK HERE

Select your service or event and remember the King Dream is in OUR HANDS!

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 6 2015 2:07PM

~Faith Daniels' Review of Johnny Gill's "Game Changer"
Johnny Gill's return is impressive with his brand new R&B project "Game Changer!" The single "Behind Closed Doors" is one of the smoothest singles on the charts right now. The entire CD is remenicent of Johnny's early days as a solo artist, very honest and soulful.

"Game Changer" offers 12 tracks of pure R&B hottness from beginning to end to include "The One's For Me and You feat. Ne Edition! Every song tells a special story of love, passion and romance done only like Johnny can. I suggest you pick up the CD "Game Changer" or download it, it will truly be a Game Changer in your collection!

Facebook: realjohnnygillofficialfanpage
Twitter: @realjohnnygill
Instagram: @realjohnnygill

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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 5 2015 1:20PM
After so many years and new loves and hit music, WHY is Eric Benet still talking about Halley Berry?
Well, it appears that after all these years his fans still want to know the details of his heart and he recently opened up and shared with EURWEB.Eric was candid about his thoughts and his music. Read the full interview HERE.
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by Faith Daniels posted Jan 5 2015 12:23PM

Back to reality from the fanatic holidays all in one day. The mandatory cheer, cooking, visitors, glitz, glitter, toys, a million chores -- have drowned out the drumbeats of war, the nuclear posturing, the fear of downsizing, all the doubts and fears, for a couple of weeks -- then, over, zip. What now?

Look at the calendar for 2015 as an opportunity to fill it with positive things that will enhance your life!

Simple things like:

~Reconsidering what is actually important to you and spend time enjoying it!!
~Reconnect with what makes you truly happy spend time bringing it into your life.
~Re-evaluate your goals from this time LAST year and set REALISTIC ones for this year.
Then develop a positive, proactive plan to see yourself where you want to be. Make the effort for yourself this year...Happy YOU Year!!!

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